Hello World!


To those of you who have no idea who I am, Maryanne is the name. I go by Myna for short (long story). I absolutely LOVE to write. I’ve loved reading and writing ever since I was a little girl and as the years flew by, I started to get too busy to actually do justice to this hobby of mine. I figured it was time to stop regretting not doing things and so here I am.


My Selfie Stick Adventures is my attempt at food and travel blogging. I plan on taking a selfie at different places and writing about my experiences there, reviewing different food joints and just helping you guys figure out new places, or old places in new ways. As an amateur photographer, I’ll try and use only my pictures on the blog. But sometimes, the foodie in me reacts before the blogger, and I dig in before I get to photograph my food. So in cases like that, I’ll have to credit another photographer and use their images (*burrrpp!*). #SorryNotSorry


A little bit more about me… Well, I read fiction novels. My all time favourite movie HAS to be the Lion King. I’m a pretty big Manchester United fan and I spend a lot of time watching or reading about football. I have this growing interest in photography. I have a beautiful, chocolate labrador – Snickers, who is no doubt my best friend for life. I try my best to be optimistic (but I have my down days like every normal person) with the hope that one day, I can change the world one smile at a time.


I’ve made you’ll yawn enough already for a first post. So… Until next time!


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